Unified Body, Mind, Spirit

circling above, circling below, circling within, the Source, of all.  power and strength renew, from the inside, looking out. from the outside, looking in. Bear cub’s dream. dreaming the dream. being the dream. Source reveals it’s self. All relatives are alive. Mother Earth’s soul fully heard. Humble Warriors Unite Unifying, Body, Mind, Spirit.     […]

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Incandescent Thirst

A droplet of water lies somewhere beneath and above where I once stood. Sprung from an abyss, a vortex, a poorly disguised portal to the World Maker’s workshop, the droplet now becomes a mountain spring. Water’s caress of creek side reminds me of that which I have taken for granted, for far too long. Sprung […]

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Embracing Our Potential to Be, Do and Have Whatever We Can Dream

Embracing Our Potential to Be, Do and Have Whatever We Can Dream Icicles surrender, along with granite memories of time past, broken and born in the stillness of Winter. Youthful, fresh and fast waters are rushing now. Rock and water and minnows moving as one. one mission purposeful. An ocean awaits the new born, A […]

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Circles and Cycles

 Unseen, but for water filled clouds, sun’s light greets Mother Earth in a Spring time way. Rebirthing songbirds sing, awakening those whom will listen, with all that is good, and new, and with ever deepening joy. Rain drops from heaven raise their angelic Spirit. Countless cycles pass, while Frog’s song is sung. Each year, […]

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Homecoming Sand Cranes share their ancient voices on high today. Canada Geese, circling, in great numbers, harmonize. Light heartedness transforms a sun bright day. Northern homelands anxiously await home comings. Snowy White and stoic, Egret pauses, waits, watches. A painted white porch, a rocking chair. Empty now, still and longing, thermal winds of time stir what […]

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A Powerful Young Voice

Click Here for Tube Video Her name is Ta’kaiya Blaney of the Sliammon First Nation in British Columbia, a powerful voice for the future of this Earth. She begins: I was told as a younger child about the times when there were children my age and they would go down to the beach and they would […]

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Once You Knew

This post is shared with us by Sharon Delgado.  Please visit this and other of her writings at: http://sharondelgado.org Written by Sharon Delgado January 15, 2013 A friend recently introduced me to the poem, Hieroglyphic Stairway, by Drew Dellinger.  The beginning of the poem grabbed me, because it speaks to my experience: it’s 3:23 in the […]

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12.12.12 …. Portal Ways

Forecast Clouds today. the chance of rain is 50 percent. Humidity and dew points after the commercial break. Today is Wednesday, December 12, 2012 it is 11:54 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Fast forward. Jaybird squawking. Crows cawing. Wind song singing. They use to call this day something, like monday, tuesday, sunday or something else. Now, […]

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The God Particle

The God Particle Story weather a river of weather wet, water caused upward from oceans knowingly meandering around the ball earth birds chirp with the light of day hunkered down somewhere in the darkness of night like those who have passed through a veil of fear, doubt, anxiety that once mattered. Matter now, invisible, microscopic […]

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Auburn Ravine Salmon Video

With some barriers now removed or re-engineered, and another on the list for re-engineering this year, Salmon are lining up on the Auburn Ravine near the town of Lincoln California to eventually find their way back to their ancestral spawning habitat. The attached video footage provided by Gold Country Films highlights how the efforts of […]

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