Unexpected Visitor

Unexpected Visitor In a far, far away distance an Ancient Tree, a Teacher, awaits a long anticipated and long overdo visit. A life altering fog had crept in, into the minds of far too many, on what appeared to be infinite waves of manufactured circuitry. One night, unexpected, Earth cast a shadow upon a full […]

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Dried Up But Not Dried Out

  We can’t even begin to comprehend the preciousness of water until it dries up. And then we don’t take is seriously unless it dries up for US. Turn on a faucet—water has always been there. Flush a toilet—water effortlessly flows in to replace what has been sent away. Plan a hot shower or a […]

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Thirst no more

A droplet. Sprung from an abyss, now a mountain spring, meet at creek’s side. Green, shade, dancing sunlight. Asking, bent knees firmly in place, cupped hands await. Water Spirit sings! Thirst no more.           Share this:

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Lost and Found

  Sometimes you can hear people’s pain even when they don’t speak the words. I heard it recently in the voice of a young woman who lived off the grid in a welcoming cabin on wild land. She, who enjoyed a solar greenhouse, abundant vegetables, her family, and mountains and trees all around, insisted that […]

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What You Don’t Know…

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, or so we have been told. But in reality, it is what you don’t know that creates all the problems. Here in the West after World War II we read the ads and believed them, not knowing that the fertilizer we eagerly bought to lace our lawns, killing […]

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Salmon Says

1)   You humans are into planning the future. You have lots of plans. How are they working for you? 2)   You make plans for your children too. How is that working? 3)   Salmon plan in our fashion. We plan that our children will come home once they have grown up and that they will have […]

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Wish I Could Go Back To Sleep

  Grumbling Woman wakes while it is still dark. She stumbles outside, rubs her hands roughly over her eyes, and looks around. “Wish I could just go back to sleep,” she moans. She covers her face with her hands and makes the sounds of misery. Water rolls by. “Why?” it asks her. Grumbling Woman does […]

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In this painting, who is talking to whom? And who gets what? And in what form? Bear talks to Salmon: “Happy to meet you, Mr. Salmon…” Salmon talks to Bear: “Nice day, Mr. Bear…” I think not. But there is conversation. And it is palpable in the instant before Bear catches Salmon or Salmon flips […]

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Unified Body, Mind, Spirit

circling above, circling below, circling within, the Source, of all.  power and strength renew, from the inside, looking out. from the outside, looking in. Bear cub’s dream. dreaming the dream. being the dream. Source reveals it’s self. All relatives are alive. Mother Earth’s soul fully heard. Humble Warriors Unite Unifying, Body, Mind, Spirit.     […]

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Incandescent Thirst

A droplet of water lies somewhere beneath and above where I once stood. Sprung from an abyss, a vortex, a poorly disguised portal to the World Maker’s workshop, the droplet now becomes a mountain spring. Water’s caress of creek side reminds me of that which I have taken for granted, for far too long. Sprung […]

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